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All Lots are free and mostly fully furnished.You can download it as often as you want but understand you may not upload it on Pay Sites or anywhere else. If you want to use one of my houseplans so please do it but give me a credit and a link back.


Some of my houses are not playable cause they are full with stuff. If you want to play with it you have to delete the barriers...

It gives different reasons if you cant download my homes.The first one your internet line are to slow cause my homes are mostly a big file and some lines can not handle it and break up after few minutes.

Make sure you have the same Expansion Packs like me. If you dont have the same Stuff Packs dont be worry, they are not necessary.

You have flashing blue items in one of a house? You need the mesh!
Please dont ask me about stuff. Take a look in the daily updates on different Sites, i listed some of it on my Links Site.
Vacation Lots are very difficult to place it.Thats the reason why you cant find anyone on this site!

Mediafire or other Filehoster

I use Mediafire to host my Houses. Mediafire is a free hoster so it can happen the Server is down for a while . Just try it over and over again and be patient. But if any files are broken or a dead link please tell me about. I promise to fix the problem as soon as possible.